DD Unit3 Blog
Cultural Change Project
Yuting Chung, Xi Chen

Stage 1

The project mainly bases on the research of cultural change in deity-statue making culture and industry in the Taoyuan area of Taiwan. Focusing on the spiritual transition in traditional ceremonies, we tried to use different digital technology to capture and transform the different statuses of the damaged statues in the cremation(burning) ceremony. Used these digital transitions to reshape previous acknowledge in the belief and digital attributes, ranging from production to reproduction, physical to spiritual, real to virtual.

We choose three stages in the whole process

1. The stage before burning -
2. The stage of burning -
3. The stage after burning(ashes)

Use photogrammetry(Agisoft) to scan three stages to get three models

Play models

Combine each stages together

Expand stage 2 to let it mix with the stage 1